Soft Matter Theory

Biology-inspired statistical and computational physics

Research Topics

  • Statistical physics of active matter
  • Kinetic theory of swarms and flocks
  • Soft condensed matter physics
  • Computer simulation of complex liquids
  • Pattern formation far from equilibrium


Prof. Dr. Thomas Ihle

Telefon: +49 3834 420-4730
Telefax: +49 3834 420-4701


  • upcoming activities: invited talk at Workshop "In search of model structures for non-equilibrium systems" (April 24-28, H-H. Boltz), invited talk U Magdeburg (May 23, T. Ihle)
  • Congratulations to Jakob Mihatsch for presenting at the DPG Spring meeting 2023 "Phase transitions in multicomponent active matter: a quantitative kinetic theory"
  • Two preprints have been published on the active particles with social distancing and
  • Jan 13 2023: Invited talk "Scattering theory of active particles with social distancing: non-local closure and network noise" by T. Ihle at U Duisburg
  • October 2022: Horst-Holger Boltz joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher
  • Rüdiger Kürsten joined the Universitat de Barcelona, Departament de Física de la Matèria Condensada, he remains part of the group as an external habil candidate
  • Benjamin Kohler starts  Bachelor-Thesis in our group
  • April 2022: Jakob Mihatsch starts Master-Project  and Tom Müller starts Bachelor-Thesis in our group
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