Workshops und Tagungen

Frontiers in Materials Science FMS 2017

On three full days from Monday to Wednesday renowned speakers will give their presentations in the field of advanced materials and their applications. 

The presentations will be given in the heart of Greifswald in the Alfried Krupp Kolleg, Greifswald, in two parallel sessions with about 200 participants 4.-6. Sept. 2017. 

More details: 

04 September - 06. September, 2017

Aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from Europe and Asia with focus on Vietnam and Japan, as a communication platform to discuss novel fast emerging fields. Areas will be nanostructure materials for magnetics, spintronics and optics, photonic materials and computational materials science covering the fields form nano-scale characterization to first-principles calculations. Special focus at Greifswald will be also given to novel techniques and the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology and biophysics.

About 200 participants will enjoy the maritime atmosphere of the city old University City of Greifswald, historic name -Academia Gryphica-, University founded in 1456, the modern environment and support of the enjoyable and stimulating Alfried Krupp Kolleg within the center of the city more ...

Control System Framework for Experiments

The Control System Framework was initially developed at GSI to provide a multi‑threaded, event driven, object-oriented and distributed environment with SCADA functionality. An experiment control system can be developed in LabVIEW by combining the CS Framework with experiment specific add-ons.

Since the first release back in 2001 a number of experiment groups have based the control system of their experiments on the CS Framework and contributed modules to extend its functionality.

The main idea behind this workshop is to bring the users and developers of the CS Framework together to discuss about the present status and future developments.

March 02 – March 03, 2017

The agenda and further information can be found here.

Symposium „Spins, Waves and Interactions“

Spins and spin waves for future information technologies, Networking of researchers in Greifswald. The topic „Spins, Waves and Interactions“ is the headline for a meeting 1.-2. September in Greifswald, to discuss new developments and trends in spintronics.

01 September - 02 September, 2016

This year, the workshop is generously funded by the Alfried Krupp Kolleg foundation, Greifswald. On two days from Tuesday to Friday at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg renowed speakers will give their presentations. This time as international speaker from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, Joseph Barker will talk about THz dynamics of spin waves. The workshop is hosted for a third time in the maritime atmosphere of Greifswald, city of the Hanse and university since 1456, place for networking and a look into technological path for the future. We welcome interested young researchers in the field, please see the conference announcement and registration form. For further information see the conference website with program, available soon, and detailed information more ...

Quantum Dynamics: From Algorithms to Applications

The Workshop "Quantum Dynamics: From Algorithms to Applications" takes place in the Alfried-Krupp-Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald, Germany, September 05-08, 2016.

05 September - 08 September, 2016

The workshop is equally dedicated to the fundamental notions, the theoretical concepts, and the numerical techniques used to model and analyse complex, driven and open quantum systems.

A variety of renown experts in the field of quantum dynamics will lecture on the fundamentals of simulation techniques and algorithms, report on recent theoretical progress and present generic applications of the discussed techniques and approaches. Topics covered include, among others, Floquet theory, microscopic foundations of Markovian and non-Markovian dynamics, Hierarchy equations for open system dynamics, time-dependent many-body techniques beyond Hartree-Fock, time-dependent density matrix renormalization group and matrix product states.

An additional tutorial (Thursday, 08 September) on the efficient use of modern CPUs for numerical simulations will provide insight into typical performance bottlenecks in scientific computing and how their impact on the time to solution can be mitigated.

The workshop is jointly organized by the Institutes of Physics of the University of Greifswald and the University of Rostock, supported by the Stiftung Alfried-Krupp-Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald and by German Research Foundation (DFG) through Collaborative Research Center SFB 652 "Strong correlations and collective effects in radiation fields", and takes place in the Alfried-Krupp-Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald.

The organizers cordially invite you to attend the workshop in Greifswald, Germany from September 05 to 08, 2016.

On this occasion, we would like to draw your attention also to our previous workshop in the Alfried-Krupp-Wissenschaftskolleg, and to a companion workshop in Rostock shortly before (31 Aug-03 Sep 2016). more>>>