Science project 2: Constraining the effects of volcanic aerosol on radiative forcing and stratospheric composition (VolARC)

Science goals

The main science objective of the VolARC project is to improve the scientific understanding of the radiative impact of volcanic eruptions. This will be addressed by the following specific science objectives:

  • Characterization of the variability of the stratospheric aerosol particle size distribution (2 size parameters, i.e. mode/median radius and width of a log-normal distribution)
  • Development and evaluation of the ICON-ART model to represent aerosol microphysics and stratospheric sulfur chemistry in a nested environment
  • Estimation of the dependence of size distribution, optical properties and radiative forcing (RF) of volcanic aerosols on the way datasets are constructed to allow uncertainty estimates
  • Improvement of understanding of the effect of volcanic eruptions on stratospheric water vapour


Link to VolARC website of Bremen University.

Satellite measurements of stratospheric aerosol optical depth (1985 - 2017)


Christian von Savigny (PI, University of Greifswald), John P. Burrows (Co-I, University of Bremen), Marco Giorgetta (Co-I, MPI-M), Alexei Rozanov (Co-I, University of Bremen), Hauke Schmidt (Co-I, MPI-M), Bernhard Vogel (Co-I, KIT), Elizaveta Malinina (PostDoc, University of Bremen), Ulrike Niemeier (PostDoc, MPI-M), Felix Wrana (Ph.D. student, University of Greifswald)

Selected publications

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