MR-ToF MS assistance in recent studies of the hyperfine structure of ^AHg, A≥177, medical radionuclides and, last but not least, precision mass spectrometry

Physikalisches Kolloquium

The multi-reflection time-of-flight mass separator/spectrometer (MR-ToF MS) [1-3] installed at the ISOLTRAP experiment [4] at ISOLDE at CERN has proven to be a valuable asset, allowing fast identification of the incoming ion beams [5] and selection and transfer of only a certain species to either the Penning-trap section [6], or to other experimental components [7]. The time-of-flight information can also be used to determine the masses of the beam constituents with sufficient precision for many physics’ topics, such as nuclear structure [8-12] and astrophysics [6, 13]. In addition to mass spectrometry, the MR-ToF can also provide purified samples for decay spectroscopy [6] or, in combination with the Resonant Ionization Laser Ion Source (RILIS) of ISOLDE, for measurements of nuclear moments and charge radii with background suppression [14-16]. The fast-identification capabilities also make the MR-ToF a very attractive tool for target and ion source optimization to support the collection of isotopes relevant for new medical research and ion yield determination [17]. 

The ISOLTRAP setup will be discussed and recent results will be presented, with a focus on recent studies of the hyperfine structure of AHg, A≥177.



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