Summer school on volcanic effects on atmosphere and climate (September 20 - 24, 2021)

General information

As part of the DFG research unit VolImpact (FOR 2820) a summer school will be held in September 2021 for M.Sc. students, Ph.D. students and young Postdocs. Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic situation it is currently unclear, whether the summer school will take place as an in-person event in Greifswald, or as a hybrid event, or even as a pure online summer school. We will carefully monitor the situation and will try to decide as soon as possible, in which form the summer school will take place.

The summer school will include both expert lectures on the basics and current research topics of volcanic effects on the atmosphere and climate, as well as hands-on modelling and retrieval labs. Because of these labs, the number of participants is restricted to 30. The applications will be ranked according to the relevance of the summer school to the current research topics of the applicants. The expert lectures may also be accessible to a larger audience.

Participants are expected to prepare a poster on their current research project. The posters will be presented during a dedicated poster session. Note that the poster session will also take place in case of a purely virtual summer school. The title of the poster has to be provided when filling in the application form.