Bachelor of Science in Physics

The program „Bachelor of Science in Physics“ has a duration of 6 semesters and comprises modules in „Experimental Physics“ (6 modules with a total of 60 credit points), „Theoretical Physics“ (5 modules with a total of 42 CP), „Mathematics“ (4 modules with a total of 33 CP) and „Applied Subjects“ (6 modules with a total of 45 CP). A successful completion of all moduls with a total of 180 CP is required for the Bachelor's degree.
The mathematical modules comprise, over 3 semesters, calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. A prepatory course bridging the gap between school and university mathematics is offered prior to the first semester. The participation is voluntary, but recommended.
In „Experimental Physics“, the fields of mechanics, heat, electricity, optics, atomic and molecular physics, solid state physics and nuclear physics and elementary particles as well as plasma physics will be taught over 6 semesters. A 3-semester lab course accompanies the lectures. In addition, modern diagnostic methods in physics together with a follow-up lab course complete the experimental phycis courses.
„Theoretical Physics“ first deals with mathematical methods in physics in a 2-semester course. Then, the 4 following semesters include classical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, and finally thermodynamics and statistics.
The „Applied Subjects“ are courses in electronics, computational physics and supplementary elective courses in either law, business administration, chemistry, mathematics or professional internship.
In a half-semester Bachelor's thesis the student will apply his knowledge to a specific scientific topic in one of the work groups of the Physics institute.


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