Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Prof. Dr. Matthias Eschrig

Main Research

Theory of strongly correlated electron systems

  • Charge density waves in semimetals in the ultra-quantum limit
  • Non-equilibrium systems in condensed matter
  • Transport in strongly correlated systems
  • Corrections to Fermi liquid theory in low dimensions
  • Strong coupling between electronic and bosonic excitations in metals

Cuprates, Pnictices, Ruthenates, and other unconventional superconductors

  • Theory for STS. ARPES, INS and NMR in unconventional superconductors
  • Triplet superconductivity (Sr2RuO4, non-centrosymmetric materials)
  • Fluctuations in unconventional and strong coupling superconductors
  • Bound states in vortex cores, near interfaces and near impurities
  • Vortex dynamics in unconventional superconductors

Interface physics, Spintronics, Nanostructures with spin polarized elements

  • Odd-frequency superconductivity
  • Superconductivity at spin polarized interfaces
  • Andreev scattering at interfaces and surfaces
  • Topological surface states, topological materials
  • Proximity effect in magnetic domain walls and in chiral magnets
  • Heterostructures, non-local interaction between magnetism and superconductivity


Prof. Dr. Matthias Eschrig

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