• 18.09.23: Back to the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Cytometry
  • 28.08.23: We are at our statistics seminar in Liepen until 30.08.23 (many thanks to Stefan G.)
  • 15.08.23: Dr. Yesaswini Komaragiri receives her PhD certificate. Congratulations Yesaswini!
  • 14.08.23: Launch of website. Many thanks Jakob.
  • 07.08.23: Stefanie is back from parental leave. Welcome!


Cellular Biophysics
Prof. Dr. Oliver Otto

Institut für Physik
Universität Greifswald
Fr.-L.-Jahn-Str. 15a
17849 Greifswald
Telefon: +49 3834 420 5602