Prof. Dr. Peter Manz

I have a wide range of interests. But there are two main areas that I identify strongly with and that I have particularly grown very attached to. That is the I-mode confinement regime, which I worked on with Tim Happel in particular. And the SepOS concept that I developed together with Thomas Eich.   


Selected Articles

P. Manz, M. Ramisch, U. Stroth 'Physical Mechanism behind Zonal-Flow Generation in Drift-Wave Turbulence', Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 165004 (2009)

P. Manz et al. 'Zonal flow triggers the L-H transition in the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak' Physics of Plasmas 19, 072311 (2012)

P. Manz et al. 'Origin and turbulence spreading of plasma blobs' Physics of Plasmas 22, 022308 (2015)

P. Manz et al. 'Physical mechanism behind and access to the I-mode confinement regime in tokamaks' Nucl. Fusion 60 096011 (2020)

T.Eich, P.Manz 'The separatrix operational space of ASDEX Upgrade due to interchange-drift-Alfvén turbulence', Nuclear Fusion 61, 086017 (2021)