Turbulence in the I-mode regime of confinement

I-mode is an ELM-free improved confinement regime with low impurity content. It appears in unfavorable configuration with the ion grad B drift poiting away from the active X-point. The I-mode exhibits temperature pedestal, but no density pedestal. Therefore, it is thought that the heat transport is suppressed, but the particle transport not. Turbulence in I-mode is not broadband as in L-mode. A prominent feature of turbulence in I-mode is the weakly coherent mode (WCM)

Here we can explain

  • How can heat and particle transport be decoupled? Density and electron temperature fluctuations can be decoupled by conduction. 
  • Why is the turbulence not broadband? The WCM is a drift-Alfven wave. Larger scales (low wavenumbers) are stabilized by phase randomization.  
  • Why is the operational window wider at higher magnetic field strength? An operation area in plasma beta automatically leads to this. 


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