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In an interdisciplinary and interfaculty approach the Research Training Group (RTG) 1947 consortium aims to overcome the traditional boarders between biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, botany and pharmacy. The scientific goal of this RTG is to undertake interdisciplinary and interfaculty based studies of the biochemical, ‐physical and -medical effects of ROS (including molecular oxygen) and RNS, in biochemical and cellular systems, in order to understand the importance of the interplay between biochemical, biophysical and (patho-) physiological factors, and to discover new interactions of ROS/RNS with biological membranes. The RTG is organized in three intimately linked focus areas with multiple methodological overlap:
(A) Production and membrane‐targeting of ROS/RNS,
(B) Chemical and physic‐chemical effects of ROS/RNS on membranes,
(C) (Patho‐) physiological consequences of ROS/RNS modified membranes.

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Current Projects started October 1st, 2014

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2nd PhD cohort will start on October 1st, 2017

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