Lab courses

These courses provide a hands-on training and enhance the interdisciplinary collaboration between the projects. Thus the events are organised by the doctoral researchers for their peers. For further information on the single events, please visit the "BiOx calendar".

Winter Term 2018/2019

dateresponsible doctoral researcher(s)department
09.11.2018Henrik Müller & Sascha GrobeInstitute of Biochemistry
30.11.2018Anika Wilden & Juliane GlaubitzKlinik für Innere Medizin A
06./07.12.2018Christina SchaalHannover Medical School
11.01.2019Daniel TroitzschC_FunGene
Winter & Summer Term 2017/2018

Winter & Summer Term 2017/2018

dateresponsible doctoral researcher(s)department
19.01.2018Yesaswini KomaragiriZIK HIKE
26.01.2018Clara Ortegón SalasInstitute of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
02.02.2018Sanjai KaranthZIK HIKE
20.04.2018Florian GellertInstitute of Physics
04.05.2018Marcel WelleInstitute of Botany and Landscape Ecology
18.05.2018Karuppasamy DharmarajInstitute of Biochemistry
01.06.2018Mehdi RavandehInstitute of Biochemistry
Summer & Winter Term 2015

Summer & Winter Term 2015

dateresponsible doctoral researcher(s)department
10.04.2015Dana Thal, Nico HeiseInstitute of Biochemistry
24.04.2015Daniel TrnkaInstitute of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
08.05.2015Preshit WaghInnere A
05.06.2015Marcel ImberInstitute for Microbiology
19.06.2015Renko KensbockInstitute of Physics
26.06.2015Lisa MorlockInstitute of Biochemistry
16.10.2015Yasemin TasdemirInstitute of Botany and Landscape Ecology
23.10.2015Sarah GürtlerInstitute of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
20.11.2015Marina SturmMax Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Potsdam-Golm)


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