Project A2

Doctoral researcher: Lisa Morlock

Principle investigator: Uwe T. Bornscheuer
Co-supervisor: F. Scholz

Influence of dioxygen on the selectivity and activity of membrane bound P450-monooxygenase catalyzed oxidation reactions

P450 monooxygenases are ubiquitously distributed enzymes, which play an important role for example in the bioconversion of xenobiotics or the biosynthesis of physiologically important compounds such as steroids or fatty acids. Especially for membrane-bound P450s a detailed understanding of the incorporation of one oxygen molecule into the substrate is not well understood and the slow electron transfer within the three-component-system is still an activity-limiting factor. In this project the influence of oxygen and reactive oxygen species (ROS) on activity and regioselectivity of a P450 enzyme will be investigated by introducing point mutations and by performing studies on the influence of the membrane system.


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