Soft Matter and Biophysics

Soft Matter and Biophysics

Prof. Dr. Christiane A. Helm


05.01.2018 Master of Science Environmental Sciences

Sven Neuber

Topologie von Polyelektrolyt Multischichten mit exponentiellem Wachstumsbereich

21.12.2017 Graduation

Dr. Renko Kensbock

November 2017

P. Nestler, C.A. Helm, Determination of refractive index and layer thickness of nm-thin films via ellipsometry, Opt. Express 25, 27077-27085 (2017), also highlighted as Spotlight on Optics by The Optical Society

27.07.2017 Graduation

Dr. Malte Paßvogel

29.06.2016 Graduation

Dr. Peter Nestler


Stefanie Perfahl, Marta M. Natile, Heba S. Mohamad, Christiane A. Helm, Carola Schulzke, Giovanni Natile, and Patrick J. Bednarski

Photoactivation of Diiodido-Pt(IV) Complexes Coupled to Upconverting Nanoparicles Mol. Pharmaceutics 2016, 13 (7, pp 2346-2362)

29.04.2016 Graduation

Dr. Frank Lawrenz

07.08.2017 Trip to Schmoldow


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