Members of the environmental physics group

Person Room Phone number
Madeleine Büchner (Secretary) A-001 420-4703
Lena Buth (B.Sc. student) A-311 420-4726
Dr. Christoph Hoffmann (Postdoc) A-313 420-4737
Julia Koch (Ph.D. student) A-311 420-4736
Anne Krüger (M.Sc. student) A-313 420-4737
Olexandr Lednytskyy (Ph.D. student) A-321 420-4721
PD Dr. Bernd Pompe A-103 420-4713
Prof. Dr. Christian von Savigny (head of group) A-320 420-4720
Piao Rong (Ph.D. student) A-321 420-4721
Georg Teiser (Ph.D. student) A-311 420-47261
Nellie Wullenweber (B.Sc. student) A-311 420-4726
Felix Wrana (M.Sc. student) A-313 420-4737
Jacob Zalach (Wiss. Mitarbeiter) A-313 420-4737

Former group members

Dr. Martin Langowski